• Actor John Stamos is a beloved Hollywood hunk
  • He has struggled with substance abuse in the past
  • John has opened up his drinking problem in recent times

In a raw and revealing chat with 'People' magazine, Stamos dished out the details on his 2015 DUI disaster and the wine-soaked woes that followed. It's a tale of Tinseltown turmoil you won't believe! Picture it—Stamos, fresh from the hospital post-DUI, drowning his sorrows in a sea of vino.

John had some real demons to battle here

"I sat down, I drank a bottle of wine just to forget what just happened," he spills. But the plot thickens! With no time to sober up, he jets off to Canada to shoot 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,' and guess what? He's still hitting the sauce hard. "Loosely buzzed" is how he describes his state during the entire filming. Talk about a Hollywood haze!

He inevitably got stopped by traffic police while intoxicated.

He admitted he “never sobered up” after getting his DUI in 2015. "When I did get the DUI … I came home from the hospital that night, I sat down, I drank a bottle of wine just to forget what just happened," Stamos, said. Stamos was arrested in June 2015 for riving under the influence.

"When you sober up, you have to look at the ugly truth, so you keep drinking," he told 'People', revealing that following his arrest, he immediately filmed 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2'. "I was kind of just loosely buzzed through the shooting of that movie."

Previously, Stamos referred to his DUI as a wakeup call of sorts. "I got in my car like a fool, and I was not sober. I was driving around Beverly Hills," Stamos admitted on the 'Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist' podcast in October. "And looking back at it I was like, ‘Oh my God, I could’ve killed somebody. Horrible day.'"

Lessons have been learned

Fast forward to Mayim Bialik's podcast 'Bialik Breakdown,' where Stamos confesses to the 'Big Bang Theory' star that his memory of filming is as foggy as a San Francisco morning—all thanks to being "liquored up." It's a candid confession that marks his rock bottom.

The actor further addressed his past addiction struggles and sobriety journey in his memoir, 'If You Would Have Told Me', which was released earlier this year.

Stamos admitted that he went "off the rails" in 2015 as he was still coping with the death of his dad in 2001 and the end of his marriage to Rebecca Romijn in 2005.

"I’m burning my throat with liquor, burning bridges with arrogance, and burning the candle at both ends," he wrote in the book. "I’m missing my dad, and my marriage has busted up, but it’s the loss of my mom, Loretta, who died nine months ago, that has me spiraling. She kept me anchored, solid, and straightened out for most of my life. I’m feeling adrift and alone without her. Empty."

In the book, the actor shared that both his parents "enjoyed imbibing regularly." However, when it came to alcohol, they “functioned well and never considered stopping.”

Also interesting:

But fear not, fans! His sisters stage an intervention, and Stamos is off to rehab, ready to face the music and the man in the mirror.

After a 30-day stint in a substance abuse program, Stamos emerges a changed man. He's done with disappointing and ready to ditch the drunkard's life. "I hated looking in the mirror going, 'This is not who my parents raised,'" he admits. 

Stamos' story is a sobering reminder that even stars can stumble, but with a little help and a lot of heart, they can rise again. And for those in the grips of addiction, remember, help is just a call away!