The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco posted a loving Valentine's Day message for her husband Karl Cook. Her ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki hilariously added his two cents...

Johnny Galecki's Response To Kaley Cuoco's Valentine's Day Post

Better known as "Penny" on The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco, posted a beautiful and loving Valentine's Day post for her husband Karl Cook. She captioned the post with: "Happy 5 years to the weirdest person I know! I don't remember a moment before you entered my life.. what a boring life that must have been! I love you @mrtanakcook!"

Her ex-boyfriend and former Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki commented on the post with a simple, "Um." Kaley immediately responded with "LOL."

This isn't the first time Johnny made funny comments on posts about her husband. In an Instagram post, Kaley once explained why she did not go on a hiking trip with her husband Karl and his family in Patagonia. She said, "I'm not a big hiker, so I think Karl probably would enjoy this trip more without me. I mean, I hope not. But I think that he will, so I think we made the right decision. I probably would have held him back on those hikes, anyway."

Johnny commented saying, "I kinda enjoyed the absence. Please let me know once you plan the next. Thank you. XO." Hundreds of fans responded by liking the comment implying he went on the hiking trip with her husband instead of her. 

Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki's Relationship Today

The pair may have had a rough breakup that was made even tougher because they continued to work together on a show where they were a couple but today Kaley and Johnny are still good friends. Kaley told Dax Shepard on his show Armchair Expert, that even though they fell "mad for each other" the two "came out of it so brilliantly... We're closer today than we ever were."

Galecki said the same in an interview with CBS! Watch, "We're dear friends, still. Kaley's not just an ex, she's a part of my life. I just don't like to speak about it." 

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