Alli Sims, the former assistant and cousin of Britney Spears, hasn't had a relationship with Britney in over a decade. She opened up to NBC as to why.

Brtiney Spears' Former Assistant Speaks Out

The documentary Framing Jamie Spears has shed light on the strange and sad circumstances surrounding Britney's strict and outdated conservatorship. Now countless stars, friends, and even family are coming to her defense.

Alli Sims opened up to NBC about her cousin and her cousin's controlling father Jamie Spears. She explained that when Jamie Spears began to take control of every aspect of Britney's life, including her work, her finances, and even her media appearances that he wanted Alli out of the picture. 

Britney Spears and Alli Simms in 2007.

She claims that he warned her to stop talking to Britney or something would happen to her. "He 100 percent was threatening me with my life. I didn't put it past him, so I didn't answer [her calls]." 

"I really do believe he would have done something if I didn't remove myself from the situation." In the documentary and leaked interviews and letters Britney can be heard claiming Jamie threatened to take her children away from her if she did not bend to his will and conservatorship. 

Alli was right along for the ride when the paparazzi were constantly hounding and tormenting Britney. "There's so many of them. You're completely surrounded with them. You're at their mercy. It definitely affects you. I mean, this affects me and it has been 13 years."

Jamie Spears in 2009.

Alli told NBC, "How do you watch that documentary and be in it and live in that and not say anything when it has gone on for so long?" She also feels "a lot of guilt" for not answering Britney's calls after Jamie's alleged threats. 

"I can't imagine how alone she felt. When  I think about how long she has had to endure this and it being 13 years [later], it just makes me so sad for her. I really do hope one day she's able to tell her story if that's what she wants to do. If she does, get ready because there's more to that story than I'm sure anybody could ever imagine."

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