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Jon and Kate Gosselin found fame for their reality television show Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC. They were famous for eight kids, a set of twins and sextuplets. The couple was married in 1999 and later divorced in 2009. During Monday's episode of Dr. Oz, Jon talked about his ex-wife's belief system and how he thinks that it's "skewed." 

Kate Gosselin has "twisted her belief system"

"I believe her intentions in the beginning were good intentions, bringing kids into the world. That she fought to have these kids. But I think once fame and money got involved it twisted her belief system," Jon said to Dr. Oz. "On my end, I've been fighting to get my kids off TV forever," the father-of-eight adds. Jon and Kate's kids have been on reality television for the better part of the last decade on Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus 8.

Jon Gosselin has custody of 2 kids

During a September interview with DailyMailTV, Jon called Kate a "militant" mother and also claimed that some of their "children have suffered abuse" from Kate Gosselin. Jon only has custody of two of their eight children, Collin and Hannah, who have both reportedly suffered from PTSD due to their mother's behaviour and actions. Kate Gosselin has not yet commented on the recent interview.