• Julia Fox talks about Kanye West post-breakup
  • Fox and West had dated for a short period of time
  • Fox has good things to say about the relationship

Julia Fox may have split up from Kanye West, but she feels he came into her life at the right time! The actress recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about her brief relationship with the rapper, explaining why she views it as a positive thing for her.

Fox says relationship with West "brought a spark back"

Fox and West officially broke up last month after dating for a little under two months. Instead of being heartbroken over the relationship ending though, Fox is grateful for the impact it had! She called it "the best thing that could have happened to me," saying that being with West "kind of brought a spark back into my life that I had forgotten about."

Julia Fox attends The Batman World Premiere on March 1, 2022.

The former couple were frequently photographed together and West was known to surprise Fox with lavish gifts. On her birthday, he even bought expensive purses for her and a few of her friends! Now that she's single again, Fox said she's "too busy" for a new romance. She admitted that she's "not looking for anything right now" but would be open to dating, and shared that she and West are "still friends" after their split.

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Fox made headlines back in January after she revealed her relationship with West to the world through an editorial. She revealed that she and the rapper had connected over New Year's, which set their whirlwind romance in motion. Even though "Julye" is over, it sounds like Fox is in a much happier place!