Kaley Cuoco taught us that to stay in shape not only depends on a well-balanced diet, but also on certain exercises that help burn calories to give the body a firm figure. The actress took to Instagram to share a new video of her fitness routine all while wearing a mask! 

Kaley Cuoco reveals her fitness routine

With a sporty miniskirt and a crop top, Cuoco taught us part of her jump rope exercises to strengthen her legs and keep her abdomen flat. Of course, with her mask on well. 

"Jump It Out. My newest obsession during COVID/quarantine! All you need is 20 mins, a jump rope, and good music !," Kaley wrote alongside the video that she shared on Instagram.

Many fans and followers were quick to comment on the fact that Kaley is wearing a mask and wondering why she would do that during her workout. Finally, Cuoco had enough of the comments and wrote: "For everyone and their mask comments. I wear a mask when I’m in an enclosed space around others, which I was. I also wear a mask when I’m outside around others. I’m protecting myself and everyone around me. That’s why i choose choose to wear a mask. Thanks for playing."

Kaley and her sister Briana fit together

Kaley is in New York with her sister Briana, the two are part of the filming of the new HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant. In addition to spending time together shopping or walking their dogs, they also share their exercise routine.

Kaley Cuoco

The HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant, will hit the streaming platform in the fall of this year. Production was delayed due to the pandemic when they were in the middle of filming, but fortunately, filming was resumed with strict sanitary measures so that very soon the 8 episode-run of this new series will be appreciated.

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