Portrayed by Kaley Cuoco, "Penny" was and still is one of our favourite The Big Bang Theory characters. The California native played the legendary role from 2007 to 2019 in our beloved series, which unfortunately ended in 2019.

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While much has been said about Kaley's amazing acting career, details about her personal life are also worth mentioning. Do you know who her mother is? Find out below!

The Big Bang Theory: This is Kaley Cuoco's mom Layne

Layne Ann Cuoco is Kaley's mother, a homemaker of English and German ancestry. According to IMDb, Kaley says her parents are the reason behind her fame, since they have always supported her. No wonder why they are often seen together at red carpet events!

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As reported by IMDb as well, Kaley Cuoco has not only said that her parents are "cool and normal", but also that she had a very happy childhood, In fact, every time she visits her mom, she still has to do everyday stuff at her place!

Kaley Cuoco with her parents Layne and Gary