• Katy Perry is an award-winning major popstar 
  • She is currently a judge of the long-running TV series American Idol 
  • She's been approved to create a mini-series podcast 

Katy Perry is taking a break from her tour and mommy-life of one to create a detailed podcast that will encapsulate the life of the Hollywood icon, Elizabeth Taylor!

Elizabeth Taylor's story told

Katy Perry will detail the life of Elizabeth Taylor in a new podcast that has been given the green light to start ahead and become the first-ever podcast dedicated to the fabulous late actress.

circa 1953: British-born actress Elizabeth Taylor in a red bathing suit with sequins on the front

The series will be 10 episodes long, and feature stories of how the Cleopatra actress rose and shot to international superstardom! The podcast coined her the "first influencer", a word normally used to describe those with a huge social media following that help direct trends in pop culture.

In a statement Katy Perry released to the Associated Press, she stated that she was "attracted to the glamour" of the late star and that she was "inspired by her bold activism".

Although she lived a glamorous life on the outside, there are many secrets to her personal life that aren't public knowledge, such as her troubled childhood dealing with an abusive father. 

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Katy Perry continued in her statement, "It's an honor to be able to share her story in this way."

House of Taylor also released a statement to AP, and said that they are "excited for people to hear about her in a different light and see her the way we do."

Taylor, who had a career that spanned multiple decades was a huge advocate for those suffering from the deadly disease of AIDS. She passed away in 2011. Check out her life in pictures here!

The podcast will be available this spring on all major platforms.