She wanted to do a special song justice!

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Garth Brooks Tribute Made Her Nervous

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Garth Brooks Tribute Made Her Nervous

Shortly after a special performance, Kelly Clarkson shared that she was feeling the nerves! Clarkson performed Brooks' song "The Dance" at this year's Kennedy Center Honors, and it's a track that the singer feels a personal connection to. Find out more here!

Kelly Clarkson recently found herself feeling anxious while performing at a major event! On the red carpet at the Kennedy Center Honors, Clarkson talked to Entertainment Tonight about covering Garth Brooks' song "The Dance," reflecting on her emotions in the moment.

Clarkson says singing doesn't make her feel nervous

Clarkson shared that her sudden onset of nerves occurred just before she performed. "I was texting Trisha Yearwood before the show and then I go on stage and I saw them and like all of a sudden I am the sweatiest human on planet earth," she said. "And I got a little nervous, and I don't get nervous singing."

The singer and talk show host has a special personal connection to "The Dance," which is why she picked the song to perform for the tribute. During an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show last year, Clarkson told Brooks that the song helped her through her divorce

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Clarkson's performance of "The Dance" praised by Brooks

Clarkson also said that she "didn't enjoy" the feeling of anxiety she experienced during her performance. However, despite the "I Dare You" singer's nerves, the track's original artist loved her take on it!

Brooks was visibly emotional as he talked about the special performance of "The Dance," saying that the arrangement was "just so pretty." He also praised Clarkson herself! "That woman is a true friend to a song," Brooks said. "She's amazing."

When Brooks appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show back in 2019, he also made Clarkson emotional with a special performance! That's when the singer covered Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love," evoking a tearful reaction from Clarkson, who was clearly moved by the song.