Kit Harington is opening up about his childhood, specifically around how his mother never enforced specific gender roles when he was a young boy.

In a new interview with The Telegraph, Harington recalls a time when he received a toy that was "meant" for girls, and how his mother supported his exploration of self-expression.

Kit Harington's gender-fluid upbringing

The 33-year-old Game of Thrones star is revealing just how lucky he was growing up in a household that didn't enforce strict gender roles. 

Kit Harington attends the BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party.

"I asked for a Mighty Max and she bought me a Polly Pocket," he joked during his interview with The Telegraph. His mother, who was a playwright, often urged her son to try different things.

"I asked for an Action Man and I got a doll – it was very gender fluid from the word go. And I went with it," he said.

The actor then went on to share how he feels about stereotypical masculinity, and why he won't want to play characters like "Jon Snow" again.

"I feel that emotionally men have a problem, a blockage and that blockage has come from the Second World War, passed down from grandfather to father to son," he shared.

"We do not speak about how we feel because it shows weakness, because it is not masculine. Having portrayed a man who was silent, who was heroic, I feel going forward that is a role I don’t want to play anymore," he revealed.

He added of his role, "It is not a masculine role that the world needs to see much more of."