New Doc On Lance Armstrong Presses Him On The Truth

Infamous bicyclist and cheat Lance Armstrong is going to be exclusively featured in 30 For 30's new documentary about the fascinating man. For years he lied and manipulated to keep his cover until his dynasty all came crashing down and he was ultimately stripped of his Tour de France titles.

He did come clean about his lies but Lance has an incredible talent for spinning the truth to cover his own ass. He has faced constant criticism for shifting blame onto others and diverting negative attention but now will he face the music? The trailer teased viewers that it might.

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The interviewer asks him "What is the worst thing that you did?" and Lance takes a moment to think. It has been some time since he first admitted publicly to doping to the interview greats Oprah and Larry King, with whom he butted heads. Maybe now that time has passed and he has been humbled, Lance will be more honest?

The trailer teased some new information from Armstrong with "I needed a nuclear meltdown, and I got it," suggesting that he wanted to be caught. According to famous truth bender Lance, he claims "I'm not gonna lie to you right now. I'm gonna tell you, my truth."

Lance: Watch The First Teaser Trailer 

Lance premieres May 24th on ESPN. Check out the trailer here!