Better known as Carla "the Puppeteer" from the hit Netflix series, Elite, Ester Expósito dazzled viewers with her beauty and masterful portrayal of the manipulative genius. Since her huge exposure on the series, she has become the face of many campaigns and has been featured in countless projects and we cannot stop watching her! But who was Ester Expósito before she became famous?

Elite's Ester Expósito: "I wanted to be an actress since I was little"

Ester was born in Madrid on January 26th, 2000, and from a very young age, she had developed a great interest in acting and show business. Ester acted in small and large productions as a child and even won Best Actress at the Madrid Theater Awards in 2013 and 2015!

Ester Exposito at the premiere of the Netflix series Hache in 2019.

At 16 she began taking acting courses and she immediately began to land roles in Spanish television like Centro Médico and Vis a Vis. She was also featured in many popular commercials for snacks!

The innate beauty of Ester Exposito speaks for itself. 

Finally, she landed the amazing role of "Carla" in the hit Netflix thriller Elite. She perfectly portrayed the wealthy "Carla" for all three seasons who brilliantly uses her money or body to get whatever she wants. She may be cold-hearted, selfish, and cruel but she is also incredibly loyal and open to the world of the lower-class characters while others are not.

Now she is the protagonist of Cuando los Ángeles Duermen and Tu Hijo. She's also featured in an episode of Poison and is scheduled to be a part of the new Manolo Caro Alguien Tiene Que Morir. You can also catch her on the new cover of Elle Mexico!

We can't wait to see what this beauty does next!

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