Cable Girls tells the story of an empowered group of women working as switchboard operators in 1920s Spain. The Spanish Netflix show earned avid fans with its depiction of the women's battle against the oppressive system of their time.

But, on top of the intriguing story, Cable Girls also won fans with excellent sets, costumes, and, well... the men. Among them is the talented Yon Gonzalez, better known to fans as "Francisco Gomez."

Cable Girls: "Francisco" actor Yon Gonzalez's life before fame

Although Yon Gonzalez was unknown to many viewers before Cable Girls, he was already quite a popular name in Spain thanks to his work on well-known TV shows such as El internado (The Boarding School) and Gran Hotel. But let's find out what the actor did before his rise to fame.

Yon González on the set of 'Cable Girls in 2019

The now 34-year-old actor made his debut in 2006 after moving, at age 20, from his native Basque Country to Madrid. That year, he first appeared in the youth television series SMS. Around this time, he also worked as a fashion and cover model.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez's work on SMS caught the attention of thousands of fans and producers, immediately landing him the role of "Iván Noiret" on El internado—for which he won the ACE Award for Best New Actor and got a Golden Nymph nomination.

Yon González from Cable Girls: His career today

After his TV breakthrough, Gonzalez dedicated himself to the cinema, with films such as Sex, Parties and Lies, though he returned to TV in 2011 with Great Reserve and Gran Hotel. Finally, in 2017, he took on the great new project Cable Girls, which established him as one of today's top Spanish actors. And the rest is history!

Yon González at the Belvedere Vodka party at the Pavón Kamikaze Theater, in 2017.

Next, he'll star  as "Hugo Llor" in Los herederos de la tierra, an upcoming Netflix series set in historical Barcelona. Click here to learn more about the cast of Cable Girls.

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