• Lindsay Lohan is making a comeback
  • She stars in the new Netflix movie 'Irish Wish'
  • Critics are loving her performance

Hollywood's darling Lindsay Lohan is at it again, capturing hearts in the Netflix charmer 'Irish Wish'! As "Maddie Kelly," a starry-eyed book editor, Lohan finds herself in a Celtic twist of fate when a wish gone awry lands her as the bride-to-be to her dreamy author, "Paul Kennedy". But is he truly Mr. Right?

Join Lohan as she navigates a whimsical love triangle that will have you rooting for romance and the power of a wish!

Romance and Rainstorms: A Recipe for Rom-Com Bliss!

Cue the meet-cutes and mishaps! "Maddie's whirlwind" romance takes us from airport antics with dashing photographer "James Thomas" to the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher. As the Irish skies open up, so does Maddie's heart – but to whom? Lohan's charm and Speleers' wit spark on-screen magic that's simply irresistible!

Director Janeen Damian can't help but gush over Lohan's brilliance both in front of the camera and as a producer. "She's a smart actor," Damian exclaims, praising Lohan's dedication to her craft. And with this being their second Netflix hit after "Falling for Christmas," it's clear these two are a match made in rom-com heaven!

It's not just on-screen where Lohan's love life is thriving. Her real-life happiness with husband Bader Shammas and their new bundle of joy shines through, adding an extra layer of joy to her performance. "She's a happy person in her life," Damian notes, and it's evident Lohan's personal bliss has translated into her enchanting on-screen presence.

Ed Speleers is more than just a pretty face; he's the perfect rom-com counterpart to Lohan's comedic prowess. Their chemistry is palpable, with Speleers admiring Lohan's "great physical comedy" and impeccable timing. Together, they're a rom-com dream team!

As "Maddie" stands at the crossroads of love, will she choose the life she wished for, or will she chase the unexpected romance that's taken her by storm? 'Irish Wish' is a heartfelt journey that reminds us that sometimes, the best wishes are the ones we never knew we had.

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Don't miss out on the enchantment! 'Irish Wish' is now streaming on Netflix, ready to whisk you away to a world where love, laughter, and a little Irish luck can change everything.