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Tom Ellis, "Lucifer Morningstar", was cast into the role of the fallen angel in 2015. However, before he was ruling the netherworlds, Tom Ellis got his start on another popular series. 

Born November 17, 1978 in Cardiff, Wales, Tom Ellis got his big break on the BBC sitcom Miranda in 2010. Tom would play the main role of "Gary Preston" until 2015 when he moved on to his next big project.

Tom Ellis Lucifer

Tom Ellis as "Lucifer Morningstar" on Lucifer

Tom Ellis as Lucifer has been the role that has most defined his career! First airing in 2016, the American fantasy series has been met with widespread acclaim! 

Ellis's character, "Lucifer Morningstar", is based on the DC comic character of the same name and fans have not grown tired of watching the devilishly handsome Ellis play the part of the incredibly charming devil. 

Tom Ellis The End of Lucifer

Sadly, Tom Ellis revealed that he will not be returning to the role of "Lucifer Morningstar" after the series' sixth and final season, which aired on Netflix in 2021. Devastated, fans have voiced their disappointment and, while there is talk of a spin-off series, Ellis has stated that he probably wouldn't return for it.  

In an episode of the Kings of Con podcast, Ellis stated, "Six seasons of the show is a real achievement. It's been a huge emotional journey and I don't think I want to do anymore."

Tom Ellis and Meaghan Oppenheimer attend the American Friends Of Covent Garden 50th Anniversary Celebration 2019

While he may not be planning to return to the role anytime soon, only time will tell what his next moves will be. In the meantime at 45, Tom Ellis is looking as handsome as ever before! He seems to have a few projects lined up for next year to look forward to as well!

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