• Matthew Gray Gubler is best known as a TV actor
  • The Criminal Minds star is also a talented artist
  • Learn about Matthew's art career in our video!

The actors of Criminal Minds are known for doing other things outside of this particular show. Mandy Patinkin is applauded for his performance on The Princess Bride. Shemar Moore used to play baseball really well in high school as a pitcher. Kirsten Vangsness plays the clarinet.

You Should Really Know About Matthew Gray Gubler's Art

As for actor Matthew Gray Gubler, he is a big success in the art world. Were you aware of this? It turns out many TV and film fans have been sleeping on Gubler's work as an artist...

Matthew Gray Gubler's Art Career Not Too Many People Know About

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To hear about actor Matthew Gray Gubler's other specialty, please watch the video above.