Unfortunately Criminal Minds ended last night after 15 years! Not only the last episode of the long-running CBS crime drama was very emotional, but also the way "Dr. Spencer Reid" (Matthew Gray Gubler) said goodbye to the show!

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Matthew Gray Gubler took to Instagram and shared an image showing his character's FBI ID badge, revolver, and wristwatch. "I’ve carried these 3 props with me almost every day for the last 15 years," is how he captioned the picture.

See Matthew's Gray Gubler heartfelt goodbye to Criminal Minds here:

Matthew Gray Gubler says goodbye to Criminal Minds

Only a couple days ago, the actor shared an Instagram story thanking everyone who has been part of the show "by being behind the camera, in front of the camera, or by watching the camera from home."

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Matthew Gray Gubler appeared on Criminal Minds in more than 300 episodes. Fans will definitely miss him and all of the cast members!