• Max Steiner is a legendary film composer
  • He is even nicknamed "The Father of Film Music"
  • These are Steiner's impressive career highlights

Born in 1888 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary, as Maximilian Raoul Steiner, Max was surrounded by music throughout his childhood, even having romantic composer Richard Strauss as his godfather. 

Film Music Wouldn't Be The Same Without Max Steiner

Max Steiner was a child prodigy, having conducted his first operetta at twelve years old. He graduated from the Vienna Imperial Academy of Music a year later, having done four years of work in just one.

Film Composer Max Steiner's Career Highlights

Also interesting:

Max Steiner composed a successful operetta at 16 and became a professional conductor in London that same year. In 1914, producer Florenz Ziegfeld helped Steiner cross the Atlantic to New York to orchestrate and conduct Broadway musicals...

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