Meryl Streep watches The Real Housewives when she wants to tune out of the real world! In a recent virtual interview, the star recently raised some eyebrows after she mentioned the reality show, sharing how she enjoys tuning into it.

Streep jokes about reality TV amidst climate crisis

Streep started off by mentioning how people often look for a diversion from all of the world's news since it can feel like a lot at times. That's when she revealed her personal guilty pleasure! "I go in and watch [Real] Housewives of Beverly Hills," she shared. Streep's confession certainly surprised everyone in the room including her Don't Look Up co-star Jennifer Lawrence, who has been vocal about her own love for reality television and looked visibly shocked!

That wasn't the only time she brought up The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills either. As she addressed the impact of the ongoing climate crisis, she made a quip about the reality show's importance in life! "If we don't survive, we won't be able to watch Housewives or whatever," Streep joked. While her comment was meant in jest, she then became more serious, mentioning how people "won't have our lives and our children and everything we value and love."

Meryl Streep at the Big Little Lies Season 2 Premiere on May 29, 2019 in New York City.

Streep's humorous mention of The Real Housewives in relation to a global crisis isn't unlike the approach Don't Look Up takes in conveying its themes. When talking about why the sociopolitical satire has resonated with people, the actress said that "sometimes a joke goes in better and more clearly than someone haranguing you with some message." Since its release on Netflix, Don't Look Up has performed well, and was even nominated for Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture at the 2022 SAG Awards!