Prince Charles is calling for environmental action to be taken! On Tuesday, Newsweek shared a special essay written by the royal, where he addressed the issue of climate change and explained what people can do in order to protect the environment.

Charles urges people to follow climate change plan

Charles began his editorial by acknowledging how his recent travels have given him a greater awareness of the global problems brought about by climate change. He specifically mentioned concerns over natural resources in Jordan, Egypt, and Barbados, calling for "the mobilizing urgency of a war-like footing" to combat the issue. Then, the Prince of Wales went on to propose his plan to counteract climate change.

He stressed that "our actions matter" as he outlined important steps to be taken in order to fight back against the climate crisis. One of the main things he urged people to do is "reduce emissions and take action to tackle the carbon already in the atmosphere, including from fossil fuel and coal-fired power stations." The royal explained that by doing so, this would "make carbon capture solutions more economical."

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Charles's essay also saw him give a shoutout to sons Prince William and Prince Harry for following in his footsteps with their own environmental work. He mentioned William and the newly created Earthshot Prize, as well as Harry's dedication to bringing awareness to climate change, particularly within Africa. "The eyes of our children and grandchildren are judging us," Charles concluded his essay, stating that "there is not a moment to lose" when it comes to taking action in 2022.