James Hetfield has broken his months long silence with some news that's sure to be a disappointment to concertgoers. In an official statement posted to Metallica's website as well as their Instagram page on Monday, Hetfield shared that the band will be cancelling two upcoming festival shows because of his continued recovery efforts.

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Citing "critical recovery events" as the reason behind cancelling Metallica's appearances at both Sonic Temple in Columbus, Ohio and Louder Than Life in Louisville, Kentucky, Hetfield apologizes to fans.

"My intent with this statement is saying 'I apologize' to each one of you," Hetfield writes in his note. "The reality is that I have not prioritized my health in the past year of touring and I now know that my mental health comes first".

Hetfield says he "completely compromised" his mental health

Hetfield goes on to share that he hadn't taken his mental health seriously during Metallica's past year of touring. "I didn’t want to let the Metallica team/family down and, I alone, completely compromised myself," he admits.

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The last half of Hetfield's note has a more positive slant to it, as Hetfield tells fans that his therapy "is going well" and stresses that Metallica will be playing all of their other 2020 shows that have been announced to date. He says it was "absolutely necessary" for him to focus on his "mental, physical, and spiritual health", and that he feels "optimistic" about what the future has in store.

"I appreciate all the great prayers and support from everyone since I went into rehab last September," Hetfield says at the end of his note. "Like the moth into the flame, being human in this career has its huge challenges and can be difficult. Your understanding helps the healing".

Read James Hetfield's full statement on behalf of Metallica here!