• Álvaro Morte starred in Money Heist
  • He lives in Madrid in real life
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Álvaro Morte has become one of the most recognizable Spanish actors in the past few years. Why? Because of the unbelievable success from his role in the hit Netflix series Money Heist where Álvaro portrayed the leader and genius "The Professor". However, even though his life has had a great change since the birth of his character, the Spanish actor really tries to lead a humble and simple life. It seems that he and his character have a lot more in common than you might think...

This is how Álvaro Morte lives in Madrid

Although most people know him as the cynical genius in the Netflix series Money Heist, what many do not know is that in reality, Álvaro is a happy husband and father of a beautiful family. Álvaro currently lives with his partner Blanca Clemente, with whom he has two children, twins León and Julieta, who they had in 2014. "I try to take as much time as I can to be with my dwarfs. I want to enjoy them as much as possible," he told ABC.

"I try to live with the greatest tranquility and with good sense... I do not want my life to change, because I am very happy with it," Álvaro said. He lives on the outskirts of Madrid in a humble house in the company of his family and he actually tries to put what he says into practice by spending quality time with his children, cooking, and doing activities like any ordinary parent does. 

Thus, despite the fact that Álvaro is an actor already recognized worldwide, the fame and all the recognition he has gained, thanks to his last years of work especially, seem to not really phase him like it tends to do with most celebrities. At 47-years-old, success seems to come at the perfect time for Álvaro, who only wants to lead a simple and peaceful life in Spain. 

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Five things you probably didn't know about Álvaro Morte

  • His first on-screen role was long before Money Heist. In 2002 he played a firefighter in the Spanish series Hospital Central.
  • He survived a cancerous tumor on his left thigh!
  • Before becoming an actor he worked as an elementary school teacher! How perfect for "The Professor."
  • As reported by Infobae, Álvaro was originally going to study engineering but left those studies to pursue his real passion: acting.
  • He and co-star Pedro Alonso got along so well when preparing for the show, they decided to alter the script so the two would be brothers!