• My Unorthodox Life is a popular Netflix reality series
  • The show stars designer and businesswoman Julia Haart
  • Here is what she is up to today

Julia's comings and going on screen certainly have it all...including her big fancy trips, expensive clothes, and job as an executive at one of the world's top modeling agencies. Talk about a life at the top of your game!

Julia Haart is an entrepreneur and an inspiration to women

Fans couldn't get enough of the show and life was going pretty swimmingly for Julia at the end of Season 1, looking for all the world to continue that way. But things took an unexpected turn for Julia in Season 2 in her personal life.

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Julia found herself in the middle of a messy divorce from her husband Silvio Scaglia which changed everything. Worst of all, Julia was also fired from Elite World Group in January of 2022. Everything was suddenly upside down for her...

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