• Nicolas Cage and Owen Wilson are very beloved actors
  • Owen wants to work with Nicolas Cage
  • THIS is what he told 'People' magazine

It's no doubt that some actors will admire other actors quite profoundly. For many of them, it doesn't get better than Nicolas Cage. His fearlessness, charisma, and overall "badass" screen presence make him one of the most entertaining actors of our time. And Owen Wilson happens to agree. In fact, he is relishing the opportunity to star opposite Nic Cage in a film soon! The actor sat down with 'People' magazine recently and had some very kind words for Cage. You won't believe what Owen had to say.

Wilson and Cage...sounds like a winning combo!

The 'Zoolander' star recently revealed that Nicolas Cage is who "pops to mind" when he was asked who he’d most like to work with saying this: "I love Nicolas Cage," Wilson, 54, gushed. "I’ve just loved him in so many movies." And who hasn't really? Cage is a superstar with capital letters. But how does Nic Cage feel about that? "I would love to work with Owen," the Oscar winner told 'People'. "I have admired him since he came on in ‘Bottle Rocket’. [Wilson is] unlike anyone," the 'Renfield' star added, "except he does remind me of Dennis Hopper."

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Cage then told an old story that came to his mind: "I remember a million years ago I had a big party when I had an apartment in [downtown L.A.] and Owen was there. I was standing across the room with Jack Nicholson and we were both observing Owen and I asked Jack, ‘Don’t you think he resembles Dennis Hopper both physically and energetically?’ Jack said, ‘Him?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ And we both watched Owen a bit longer and then had some lemon tart."

Well, what do you know? They're mutual admirers. Hopefully that means a collaboration is not far into the future. Personally, I hope it's a buddy cop movie!