Millie Davis began starring on Odd Squad in 2014 when she was just 8 years old. Born December 6, 2006, the Canadian actress would get her acting start even earlier when she landed a part on the children's series, Super Why! as the voice of "Serena/Dot" in 2007!

Millie's first live-action role would follow suit in 2011 with the television film, Befriend and Betray. The role that would change her career forever, would come in 2014 when she landed the part of "Ms. O" on Odd Squad.

Millie Davis Odd Squad

Millie Davis and Sean Michael Kyer Odd Squad 2014

Millie Davis's Odd Squad character "Ms. O", the Odd Squad agents' head honcho, would become the series' most adorable child boss! While she was known to be strict and yell quite a bit in the first few seasons of the series, she warmed our hearts with her penchant for juice boxes. 

Millie Davis has stuck with the series over the years and has also starred in 2016's Odd Squad: The Movie as well as the 2018 television film Odd Squad: World Turned Odd. She has even won a Joey Award in 2015 for "Best Young Ensemble in a TV Series"! 

Millie Davis Today

Millie Davis attends the 2019 Premiere Of Universal Pictures' Good Boys

Since getting her big break on Odd Squad, Millie Davis has continued to dominate the television and film screen and has quite an impressive resume for just turning 14! Her resume includes parts like:

  • playing "Gemma Hendrix" in Orphan Black (2013-2017)
  • as "Summer Dawson" in 2017's film-adaptation of Wonder
  • and most recently as the voice of "Esme" in the animated series Esme & Roy.

It was recently announced that Millie Davis will take on the titular role in an upcoming linked series titled Amelia Parker. We wish the talented young actress a very happy birthday and look forward to what the future holds for Odd Squad's Millie Davis!