• Kim Kardashian makes headlines again
  • This time with a colleague
  • THEY share a kiss

Kim Kardashian's (43) participation in the twelfth season of 'American Horror Story' has generated significant buzz. The sequel to the season, based on Danielle Valentine's thriller "Delicate Part Two," revolves around a woman facing off against a malevolent entity intent on thwarting her pregnancy. The recent trailer release has unveiled a scene that's capturing widespread attention.

Kissing time:

Kim Kardashian is "a Monster"

In the upcoming season of 'American Horror Story,' a gripping scene featuring a kiss between Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts (33) has sent shockwaves through fans. Roberts, portraying "Anna Victoria Alcott," confronts Kardashian's character, "Siobhan Corbyn," with the chilling accusation: "You are a monster." Kardashian's character retorts,  "Oh no babe, I'm so much worse."

The trailer unveils other intense moments, including a burning baby carriage and a scene where Kardashian's character delivers a punch to Roberts'. These dark and suspenseful glimpses have ignited speculation about the characters' fates.

Kim Kardashian has eagerly embraced the challenge of her role, expressing her anticipation and dedication in an interview with 'Variety.' She shared her excitement about venturing beyond her comfort zone, embracing new experiences, and personal growth. Kardashian even underwent acting lessons to prepare herself thoroughly for the demands of the series.

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