Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah made waves online when they reunited to talk about their romantic comedy Splash... including that unforgettable underwater kiss!

As Entertainment Tonight shares, Hanks and Hannah— along with their co-star Eugene Levy, the film's director Ron Howard, and producer Brian Grazer— got together to chat about their experience making the film as part of Josh Gad's YouTube series Reunited Apart.

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Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah in a promotional photo for Splash (1984).

Hannah admits she was "terrified" about filming romantic scenes

Hanks and Hannah gave fans of the mermaid movie insight into how it was brought to life during the reunion, and discussed the challenges of filming underwater scenes. Hannah admitted that she had been nervous to audition for the role of the mermaid "Madison," especially because of the romantic scenes she would have to play out.

"I was terrified," Hannah said about Splash's kissing scenes, including the one where she and Hanks first appear onscreen together. "So even though I was like 21 or 22, I still really hadn't had a boyfriend. So I was terrified about the kiss."

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Daryl Hannah as "Madison" and Tom Hanks as "Allen Bauer" in Splash (1984).

Hannah says that filming underwater kiss scene was "hit or miss"

Hanks and Hannah also had a unique challenge ahead of them when it came to filming Splash, which was filming several of their scenes underwater! "Before we ever rolled any film, we also had to figure out how we were going to film the underwater work," Howard said, revealing that everyone involved had to become certified scuba divers!

Hanks didn't mind the experience at all though, calling it "one of the best great adventures of the whole thing," since it involved "going on vacation and getting paid to scuba dive." As Hannah revealed though, acting underwater isn't as easy as they made it appear! "Tom and I didn't have masks, so we couldn't really see," she explained. "So it was like hit or miss whether we got the signals or understood them or not."

As Entertainment Tonight mentions, the Splash reunion also included a special tribute to the late John Candy, who played Hanks' character's brother in the movie. Ryan Reynolds recorded a tribute to Candy, and a montage of clips from some of his most iconic films played to cap off the reunion.

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See Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah reunite with the Splash cast in the new episode of Reunited Apart!