• Simon Cowell recently broke his arm
  • His injury was the result of bad road conditions
  • Cowell hurt himself while biking 2 years ago

Simon Cowell has once again suffered an injury due to his electric bike! As Entertainment Tonight shares, the America's Got Talent host broke his arm last week, but thankfully he seems to be doing okay.

Cowell briefly hospitalized for broken arm

Cowell reportedly sustained his latest injury in London on January 27. While he had to go to the hospital, he thankfully didn't have to stay there long! The entertainer was quickly released after receiving treatment and a source shared he is back at home with family while he recovers. 

Simon Cowell will return for Christmas Concert after back surgery.

An insider revealed to Us that Cowell's accident was the result of hazardous road conditions and said he hadn't been wearing a helmet at the time. They explained that he hit wet asphalt, causing his wheels to slip and the bike to lose control. Photos of Cowell with his arm slung in a yellow cast surfaced not long after the incident. 

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Cowell is fortunate to have only suffered a broken arm, as his electric bike caused him to be more seriously hurt in August 2020. That's when he broke his back, causing him to undergo surgery to fix the injury. We hope he manages to make a quick recovery!