Love Island host, Caroline Flack passed away from suicide on February 15th 2020 and on the day of her funeral, friend Olly Murs let his feelings be known.

X-Factor to Xtra Factor Friends

Olly Murs was originally a successful X-Factor contestant who was asked to return to host the behind the scenes show the Xtra Factor with known television host, Caroline Flack. The two hit it off immediately and had great chemistry both on and off-screen. They would go on to work together on all sorts of projects and continued to be friends long after they stopped working together. 

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When she passed away Olly posted a deep and heartfelt message to her on Instagram saying "My kids will know you, my grandkids will and then I’ll see you again, give you a huge hug, a huge kiss, get mic’d up and have you by my side again."

Olly has been vocal and emotionally open about the pain he is suffering due to this loss. On the day of her funeral he posted tear-jerking footage of Olly kissing his pal and co-host on the cheek.

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