• Paris Jackson is 24 years old
  • She's the second-born child of Michael Jackson
  • She considered herself Wiccan and practises witchcraft

Paris Jackson is showing off her sense of humour, and revealing that she's got a unique sense of home decor! In the video, Jackson lipsynchs over a comedy skit called "Old Gregg", and pokes fun at her strange ornaments.

Paris Jackson practises witchcraft

While most Hollywood heiresses might have a Chanel makeup bag on their bedroom table, Paris Jackson has... a shrunken head? The weird decor choice is intentional, and Jackson shares in a goofy video that she practises witchcraft!

The soundbite used over the top of the video was first originally used as a comedy sketch. "Old Gregg" was originally on BBC Three and starred comedian Noel Fielding as a strange creature in a lagoon. 

The creature then brings a fisherman back to his hideout where there are some unusual trinkets lining his home.

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Using a clip from the weird viral sketch, Jackson shows off her many strange trinkets including a shrunken head and some bones. 

Ava Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon's daughter, laughed along with her friend and commented, "Impeccable use of this audio."

Who knew Jackson had such a unique sense of home decor!