Is there truth to the "secret son" story?

Patrick Swayze (†57): Is HE His Secret Son?

Patrick Swayze: Is HE His Secret Son?

It's commonly believed that Patrick Swayze was not survived by any children. The actor was married to Lisa Niemi from 1975 until his death in 2009, but the couple did not have any kids. However, there is a story that Swayze allegedly fathered a now 45-year-old man named Jason Whittle. This is what's known about Swayze's "secret son," whom the actor may have fathered before marrying Niemi.

Patrick Swayze was known for his longterm relationship with wife Lisa Niemi. The couple married young in 1975 and remained together for 34 years until the beloved Dirty Dancing star's death in 2009.

The couple had no children together, and it was thought that Swayze left behind no descendants when he passed away. But reports say Jason Whittle, a former NFLer, claims the late actor is his father. Here are the facts of the story and what's known about Swayze's alleged "secret son."

Patrick Swayze's son: Jason Whittle's alleged parentage story

Today, Jason Whittle is 45 years old and lives in Missouri. Public knowledge of his story appears to date back to July 2017. At the time, a Globe Magazine article told the story of Whittle's mother, Bonnie Kay, who on her deathbed revealed that Swayze was Whittle's father. Prior to the news, Whittle never knew his father's identity.

Patrick Swayze: Is Jason Whittle His Secret Son?

The story goes that Kay and Swayze had a one-night stand which led to Jason's birth — without the actor's knowledge. Adding to the scandalous side of the story, Whittle was born a few months before Swayze's marriage to Niemi in 1975. Some reports also claim Kay was underage when she allegedly met Swayze, but her and Whittle's dates of birth appear to refute the accusation (if there's truth in it to begin with). The numbers:

  • Swayze was born in August 1952
  • He allegedly conceived Whittle with Kay ca. May or June 1974
  • Kay, born May 1956, was likely 17 or 18 at the time
  • Whittle was born to Kay in March 1975
  • Swayze married Niemi in June 1975 at age 22

The Patrick Swayze son story: Where it sits in 2020

Several 2019 articles suggest Whittle has taken steps toward a DNA test to prove his relation to Swayze. No verified sources have reported on the results or on interviews with Whittle, however. New Idea also links his parentage claim to Lisa Niemi's contested inheritance of her late husband's fortune.

Lisa Niemi, widow of Patrick Swayze, has denied secret son accusations.

Otherwise, the story appears to rest unconfirmed, and on Whittle's suggested visual resemblance to the legendary actor and dancer. The 45-year-old Whittle played 10 seasons as offensive lineman in the NFL before leaving the league in 2008.

The verdict: Much of the Swayze "secret son" story cites unreferenced sources and tabloid outlets, often without quoting Whittle, either. If any official word ever comes out of it, you can count on hearing it.