Paul Walker's death in 2013 shocked the whole world, and he left behind his daughter Meadow Walker. Since then, Meadow has had a close relationship with her dad's best friend Vin Diesel and his daughter Hania, recently posting a touching photo of the trio on Instagram.

Meadow Walker shares picture with Vin Diesel and daughter Hania

Meadow Walker posted a picture on Instagram on Sunday that shows her embracing Diesel and his daughter Hania. "Family," she captioned the black and white photo. Meadow was just 15 years old when Paul Walker died, making it a difficult time for the teenager.

However, Diesel didn't have it easy either because he lost his best friend. Due to this tragic stroke of fate, Meadow and Diesel grew closer together, and maintain a special relationship to this day. "All love, Always," Diesel replied to Meadow's photo. 

Fans are enthusiastic about the post, sending Meadow— who is now a pretty young woman— many heart emojis. The picture proves once again how close Meadow Walker and Vin Diesel's family are, which would certainly make Paul Walker proud!

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