• Rick Harrison is the original cast member for Pawn Stars
  • Pawn Stars aired in 2009
  • Rick Harrison has been married 3 times and has three sons

Rick Harrison is one proud dad! The Pawn Stars TV personality has been married three times and had a child with two of his three wives. 

A Busy Dad And Husband

Rick first got married to Kim Harrison in the early 80s, and the two quickly had their first son, Corey. Born in 1983, Corey is the eldest of the three and the one that appears on the TV series the most!

Corey owns half of the pawnshop with his father, has shown an interest in the antique world for a long time. Rick often shares how happy he is to share that with his son! 

Secondly, we have Adam, who was born pretty quickly after Corey. Both Corey and Adam are the sons of Kim and share a half brother with Rick's second wife, Tracy. 

Also Interesting:

Adam has been vocal about not wanting to amass any fame from the series or from the shop itself and doesn't spend much time on the screen.

Finally, Rick had his last son, Jake, with his second and longest-lasting wife, Tracy. 

Jake is just a teenager still, and therefore hasn't really been on the show until recently, now that he's old enough to have a summer job!

Only time will tell if Jake ends up working in the family business like his dad and older brother!