Pete Davidson's romance with Kim Kardashian is heating up, but his new beau's ex isn't on his mind! While Kanye West isn't too happy about the couple, an inside source has told Entertainment Tonight that Davidson isn't giving his opinion any weight.

Davidson "so attracted" to Kardashian, source says

Davidson and Kardashian recently returned from a quick getaway in the Bahamas, where they were photographed enjoying each other's company. But while the unexpected couple are "continuing to have a lot of fun" together even after the holiday, West "still isn't too thrilled" by his ex's new relationship.

The rapper recently bought a house to be closer to Kardashian and their kids, so he's not a fan of Davidson being in the picture. However, the insider shared that Davidson's focus is elsewhere, as he "isn't concerned or threatened by Kanye and is just enjoying his time with Kim." The SNL star reportedly finds Kardashian "so cool and smart" and is "so attracted" to her, with the chemistry between them said to be "amazing."

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Davidson and Kardashian's relationship status first made headlines last fall when it was rumoured that the two could be more than friends. After being spotted together on a number of occasions, it was soon confirmed that there was a romantic spark between them. And while West may not endorse the relationship, the source shared he's attempting to be "distracted, busy, and fulfilled" away from Kardashian.