Pink comes up with some great ideas after drinking... or at least, she thinks she does! The "Walk Me Home" singer is currently staying at home with her family while social distancing because of the coronavirus pandemic. In a video she shared on Instagram, she joked that for as long as "this whole quarantine thing" is going on, she's decided to make drinking "a sport".

"When I drink, I get really, really brilliant ideas," Pink said. And that's exactly what led to her having a sudden realization after a few drinks... even though she couldn't go out to a hairdresser, she could give herself a DIY haircut! "I can cut hair! I can totally cut hair!" Pink exclaimed in the video. "Why have I been paying people all this time?"

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Pink's at-home haircut didn't turn out exactly how she'd planned

Pink doesn't have much hair to work with since she's been rocking a buzzcut lately, but that didn't stop her from giving her haircut idea a go. However, she found out that maybe she's not cut out to be her own hairdresser! That's because when she turns her head to one side in the video, she reveals a missing chunk of hair by her hairline. "Look what I did," Pink commented as she showed off the result. "What do you think? A good look?" 

Her haircut wasn't entirely a disaster though, since the other side of her hair seemed to have been more evenly trimmed. “I think I’m looking pretty good," the singer said with a laugh. "Am I giving like, Alyssa Milano vibes right now? Charlize Theron? I might try to fix it tonight. What do you think?" 

She ended the video with a simple message to fans. “Stay safe. Stay home. Cut your own hair! Screw it," Pink said.

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Watch Pink show off her at-home haircut in the video she shared here!