'Stranger Things’ Star Maya Hawke Announces Debut Album 'Blush', Shares New Music Video

Get a taste of the actress's musical stylings with her brand-new song!

Maya Hawke, Star Of 'Stranger Things' Announces New Album And Debuts Music Video

Katy Perry seems to be enjoying her time in self-isolation! The pop star and American Idol judge, who revealed earlier this month that she's expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom, shared a photo of herself enjoying a salty snack... pickles! Wearing a pink sweatshirt with the words "HOW SOON IS NOW?" printed across it, Perry can be seen snacking on a pickle in her kitchen while the rest of the jar sits open on her countertop.

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Perry's choice of pickles isn't all that unusual for pregnancy

Perry's peculiar pickle craving actually makes perfect sense, considering she's pregnant! As People reports, pickles are a common choice of many expectant moms, and it looks like Perry is no exception! While she didn't comment on her snacking habits in the post, simply writing, "wHaT dAy Is It Even #stayhomeclub", her caption and far-off gaze indicates that she's feeling a little restless at the moment.

See the photo Katy Perry shared of herself snacking on some pickles here!