• Queen Camilla admires portrait of Princess Charlotte
  • During a visit to West London's Art Hub
  • She thinks the painting is "lovely"

West London was abuzz with royal flair as Queen Camilla (76), step-grandmother to Princess Charlotte, embarked on a cultural expedition to Kindred Studios' Shepherds Bush pop-up. Her visit, inspired by her daughter Laura Lopes' glowing recommendation, turned into a delightful discovery of local talent and familial ties.

"It was so fantastic – 'You've got to have a look'," Laura insisted, and Camilla heeded the call!

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A royal portrait steals the show!

Amongst the myriad of creative wonders, from taxidermy mice to embroidered masterpieces, one small artwork captured Her Majesty's heart – a portrait of Princess Charlotte. Painted by the talented Mercedes Carbonell, the piece resonated with royal charm, echoing the features of Queen Elizabeth herself. 

Camilla later remarked that the painting was "lovely".

Queen Camilla Visits Kindred Studios' Shepherds Bush Pop-up Hub

"The Queen liked it very much," beamed the Spanish-born artist, recalling the royal seal of approval. "Charlotte looks like Queen Elizabeth in the photograph," she added, sharing her inspiration behind the brushstrokes.

The art tour took a personal turn as Camilla was greeted by none other than Cordelia Plunket, mother to the Queen's equerry, Major Ollie Plunket. Cordelia, a film producer extraordinaire, enveloped Camilla in a warm embrace before unveiling her own quirky exhibits, including a "spaghetti western" scene with a Beatles twist.

"It’s an incredibly vibrant and cohesive community," Cordelia shared, reflecting the spirit of the artistic collective.

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A royal duty amid personal challenges

The Queen's engagement shone bright amidst the backdrop of King Charles' health concerns, as he recently sought cancer treatment in London. Despite the challenges, the royal agenda marches on, with Camilla set to host a reception for the Poppy Factory's centenary.