Reese Witherspoon has joked that she likes to embarrass her kids! As Entertainment Tonight shares, Witherspoon talked about her children on Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which was hosted by her Little Fires Everywhere co-star, Kerry Washington. 

Witherspoon says she "could not be prouder" of son Deacon 

Witherspoon couldn't help but brag about her oldest son Deacon, who accomplished something pretty exciting! As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Deacon produced his first song— the dance single "Long Run"— with singer Nina Nesbitt. "He released his song this summer!" Witherspoon exclaimed. "I'm so proud of him, he's the producer... I just could not be prouder of him."

When Washington asked Witherspoon if embarrassing her kids— 20-year-old Ava, 16-year-old Deacon, and 7-year-old Tennessee— is something she does frequently, Witherspoon confirmed that it is! "I just say if you're not embarrassing your children, you're not spending enough time with them," she shared. "That's basically my role. It's our job as parents to really ramp up the embarrassment."

Witherspoon says she's "going to be eating takeout" during Emmys

Witherspoon also briefly talked about what the Emmy Awards may look like this year, since they will be held as a virtual ceremony! "It's going to be a different experience," she said to Washington. Then, she joked about how casual it will likely be given that everyone is at home.

"Are we all going to be in our pajamas?" Witherspoon asked Washington. "I'm going to be eating takeout for sure." As Entertainment Tonight shares, Witherspoon has received Emmy nominations for three different projects! The actress also recently launched a new project— an online discussion about books, which Jameela Jamil and Yara Shahidi have participated in!

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