• Regina Lasko is married to David Letterman
  • She's the wife of a famous TV personality
  • But what does Regina Lasko do?

Regina Lasko is known to most as the wife of David Letterman. But she's accomplished a lot in her own right and has a successful career. This is what Regina Lasko does for work.

What does Regina Lasko do?

While her husband David Letterman starred in front of the camera, Regina Lasko enjoyed a career behind the scenes. Her job was as a TV production manager.

For example, her IMDb page lists production credits on shows including the soap opera Another World, Saturday Night Live, and her husband's late night talk show.

David and Regina met in the 1980s while both were working in show business. They started dating in 1986 and have been in each other's lives ever since.

Also interesting:

Together, they welcomed a son named Harry Letterman in 2003. Regina and David then they finally tied the knot in 2009.

Regina Lasko also stuck by her husband after his high-profile sex scandal, which broke the same year as their wedding. And they're still married today.

Even after David Letterman left late night TV, fans continue to be interested in his family to this day.