KJ Apa still has Luke Perry on his mind a year after the actor's sudden passing. Perry played "Fred Andrews", who was the father of Apa's character "Archie Andrews", on the popular television series Riverdale.

And according to what Apa said in his appearance on Monday's episode of The View, the two co-stars had quite a close bond in real life as well. “I remember everything about Luke,” Apa shared with the hosts of The View. “I miss him. I miss talking to him".

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Apa on late Luke Perry: "I hope I can be half the man that he was"

Apa went on to talk about how he valued Perry's presence in his life. "He really, he was so important to me, just because, I feel like, he always had my best interests," Apa said. Perry's Riverdale son had nothing but kind words to say about the late actor, who he called "one of the best people I’ve ever known in my life". 

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Based on his words, it's clear that Perry had become something of a father figure to Apa himself. "I hope I can be half the man that he was," Apa said. He's not the only Riverdale star to still be thinking about Perry. Lili Reinhart, who plays "Betty Cooper", revealed on Twitter that she had dreamed about Perry, feeling his presence with her.

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