• Paul Mescal and Ayo Edebiri spark romance rumors
  • They look very cozy in new picture
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On the day when everyone's a wee bit Irish, these two were snapped snuggled up on a stairwell, sharing a laugh that's got everyone talking! "Happy St Paddy’s ," writes Edebiri, but it's the picture that's worth a thousand words - or maybe just three: Are they dating?

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Star-studded stairwell 

It wasn't just the two of them, though! Director Oliver Hermanus and playwright Jeremy O. Harris were there too, making it a proper celeb-packed stairwell. But it's Paul and Ayo's chemistry that's stealing the spotlight!


Sources are shouting from the rooftops that they're "just friends," but come on – that photo's saying a whole lot more, don't you think?

Rom-Com in the making? 

And let's not forget, Mescal's been dreaming out loud about a rom-com with Edebiri. "That would be cool," he says. Fans are already storyboarding the whole thing in their heads!

Everyone's chomping at the bit for this potential on-screen pairing. And when romance novelist Emily Henry throws in a hint, you know it's serious business!


This isn't the first rodeo for these two being spotted together. From the BAFTAs to the Spirit Awards, they've been fueling the fire of speculation for a while now!

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