Ryan Seacrest has already had enough of 2020. The host of American Idol and New Year's Rockin' Eve tweeted out a humorous question on Tuesday that summed up his feelings about the current year. "If I start a New Year's Eve countdown," Seacrest asked, "will 2020 finally be over?" While his question was meant as a joke, the sentiment he followed it up with was completely sincere.

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Seacrest advises fans to "please practice social distancing"

Seacrest then added onto his first tweet with another talking about the importance of social isolation and kindness during the current state of the world. "If that doesn’t work," he said, referencing his joke about starting a countdown, "please practice social distancing until this situation is under control & be kind to those who are on the front lines: The ones keeping our grocery stores open, the doctors, nurses & unsung heroes who are stepping up to help those who can’t help themselves".

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