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Katy Perry and Ryan Seacrest certainly got emotional on the latest episode of American Idol, as a contestant did something never before done in the show's history! In Sunday's American Idol, which saw more singers auditioning in the hopes of earning a golden ticket to Hollywood, Seacrest brought aspiring singer Courtney Timmons straight up to the audition room from off of the street.

Seacrest had seen the 22-year-old security guard outside, and after learning that Timmons dreamed of auditioning for the show but feared she may have missed the deadline, he decided to make a bold move. "The solution to that problem is me just taking you up there and seeing if they let you go," he told Timmons. "I can’t promise you because I haven’t asked them, but at least if we get up there, they have to say no to your face which is probably harder".

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American Idol judges blown away by unexpected audition

Seacrest was true to his word, and brought Timmons directly up the elevator to meet the show's judges. He explained her unique situation to them, which included the fact that no one in the room had heard Timmons sing! "Are you kidding me?" Lionel Richie asked. "This is a first".

The judges agreed to let Timmons audition, and what happened next was truly remarkable. Timmons belted out Andra Day's anthemic song "Rise Up", as the judges watched her with astonishment. Perry then shared how she'd seen Timmons sitting outside, but had thought she was just a fan of the show!

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Katy Perry calls contestant the "new definition" of American Idol

Timmons told the judges that she would've sat outside for as long as it took her just to be seen for auditions, but what Katy Perry told her next took her by surprise! "You’re one of the best singers we’ve seen today!" Perry enthused. "You’re probably the best singer we’ve seen today. Courtney Timmons, this is really magical. This is a magical moment. We’re going to send you to Hollywood".

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Both Perry and Seacrest teared up afterwards, as Timmons stood there shocked by what had just happened. "Us two -- we probably don’t have any emotion, but when you get us, you really get us," Perry said. "Courtney, you are what American Idol is. You’re the new definition".

After Sunday's episode of American Idol had aired, Seacrest posted a clip of the emotionally powerful moment to social media. "I’m crying," Seacrest captioned the video, which he shared via Twitter. "@katyperry is crying. America is crying. We’re all crying. Courtney was the #AmericanIdol curveball we didn’t know we needed. So proud of her".

Watch the incredible audition that made American Idol history and moved Katy Perry and Ryan Seacrest to tears here!