• Sam Worthington is a British-Australian actor
  • He is best known for playing "Jake Sully" in Avatar
  • He used to have a problem with alcohol

For most stars in Hollywood, there's always a bit of a coping process when it comes to dealing with fame and fortune. Worthington's success came at a price in his personal life, as fame pushed him toward the bottle. Before long, Sam found that he had a problem with alcohol that was getting out of hand...

Sam Worthington he had to make things right

The stories of substance abuse around Hollywood are seemingly more rampant now than ever before. However, it's not often that you hear of a celebrity beating their addiction and coming out stronger on the other side. But Sam Worthington may very well be one of those few famous faces that managed to pull it off!

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After a long battle and struggle with alcohol addiction, Worthington is now opening up about his journey to sobriety and the help he got from his wife Lara! When his wife finally decided she had enough, Sam was given an ultimatum...

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