• 'Practical Magic' is a cult classic
  • A remake could be on the way soon
  • HERE is what we know so far

26 years ago, Bullock and Kidman starred in 'Practical Magic' as the Owens sisters. two witchy siblings who attempt to re-animate Kidman's character's abusive ex after Bullock's character accidentally drugs and kills him. Their misfortune stems from a curse set by their matriarch, "Maria Owens", who cast a spell to protect herself from the agony of love.

A dynamic duo

As her bitterness grew, the spell turned into a curse. A curse on any man who dared love an "Owens" woman, played by Stockard Channing. The sisters do everything they can to break the curse.

Also interesting:

The film was adapted from a 1995 novel by Alice Hoffman...

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