Sandra Bullock wants to put a bubble around her kids, metaphorically speaking! Or at the very least, she jokes about the idea of always keeping them close to her in a new interview with Jennifer Aniston for Interview magazine. Bullock is candid when it comes to sharing her thoughts about letting her kids go out in the world, opening up about her concerns as a parent in this day and age.

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"‘How are we supposed to raise children outside of a bubble?" she asks. "And, show them the difference between right and wrong, and what kindness looks like, when it’s really hard to find it with all the noise on a screen?" And when Aniston counters by saying that kids are eventually going to see the world for themselves, Bullock has a hilarious reply.

Bullock says she'll be "down the street" from her college kids

Bullock quips that even when her kids go to college, she's still going to be there... literally! "I gave them the places where they can go to college because that’s where Mommy feels comfortable living," she jokes. "I said, ‘You can go to these three colleges because I’m going to buy an apartment down the street'".

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While she may only be joking about how protective she'll be when her kids get older, her apprehension about the world isn't much of an exaggeration! Bullock admits she's somewhat of a homebody, enjoying the familiar comforts she's accustomed to. "It’s scary entering the world, but when we do, we feel good and we’re glad we did it," she says. "But the dread of being around people, I need to get better with that.”

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