Superstar Mexican actress Kate del Castillo had good intentions when she found herself suddenly in contact with terrifying Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán. When she had made plans to coordinate an interview and to convince "El Chapo" to pay for some of the terrible damage and deaths he had caused, Sean Penn wanted to be involved and allegedly took over her project leaving her in the dust and in danger. Now Kate is telling her side of the story.

Kate del Castillo Claims Sean Penn Lied In Rolling Stone Interview

Recently Jada Pinkett-Smith collaborated with the infamous Estefan family to create another version of Red Table Talk: The Estefans. Only a few months in and the show has garnered a lot of attention and high profile guests. Now they invited renowned Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo to tell her side of the infamous "El Chapo" story.

Gloria Estefan, Emily Estefan, and Lili Estefan spoke with 48-year-old Kate about her incredible life story and brave journey fighting to protect her loved ones from the repercussions of the "El Chapo" interview. She explained to the Estefan family how "El Chapo" reached out to her and she had made plans to interview him for a documentary in 2015 before his first arrest (and subsequent prison escape). 

Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán arrested July 9th, 2016 in Mexico.

Sean Penn had reached out to Kate as well in hopes of being a part of the documentary and interview she was working on. Little did she know Sean had intentions other than what he told Kate, who was the one putting her life on the line. 

While Kate was translating Sean's questions to "El Chapo" in a face-to-face meeting she alleges that, "Suddenly Sean says, 'Tell him I want to interview him for Rolling Stone magazine. And I was like, 'Wait this is not on the script.'" She was shocked but had to hide her surprise to protect Sean from facing "El Chapo's" well-known wrath, "I cannot do a face because ["El Chapo"] was going to notice that something's wrong and this guy [Sean Penn] is going to be dead in just a blink of my eye."

Gloria Estefan was shocked that Sean would not have disclosed this to Kate in the many meetings they had before meeting with the drug lord himself. "He asked you there? He threw you under the bus."

Madre de Kate del Castillo habla sobre la violencia que su hija vivió con Luis García

According to Kate del Castillo, who is one of the only few who can attest to what really took place during their meeting, Sean embellished a lot of his story to make the Rolling Stone cover story more titillating. The TV show host Lili Estefan asked Kate about the "checkpoint" Sean described in detail to which she responded with, "He's an a**. That wasn't true, he just put it there to sparkle a little bit of his stupid story."

"There was no checkpoint. I hated him for that but that's why his article was full of s***." Unbeknownst to Kate, Sean had planned a lot without her, "He planned everything, even getting in my bed." The tabloid believed Sean and Kate had struck up a romantic relationship but Kate confirmed, "No, I only had sex. It just happened."

Sean Penn reads from his book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff at D.G. Wills Books in La Jolla in 2018.

Sean Penn Spurns Kate del Castillo After "El Chapo" Interview

When the group began to face the repercussions of this high-profile meeting, Sean severed his ties with Kate and quickly protected his team, "He used me as bait and then he never protected me. And risked my life, my parents' life, my sister's life, and everybody surrounding me."

She regretted the meeting and spoke about the terrifying and threatening backlash she received, "It hurt me that I was so stupid, so naïve. If I didn't have the American passport, I would be in jail. That's it."

Sean Penn has a history of controversy and poor behavior towards women so the Estefan family was not surprised at how he was willing to treat the woman that gave him the access of a lifetime. If it were not for her, Sean would not have had the interview he is so proud of. 

"El Chapo" is not in United States custody after escaping the Mexican prison and securing his meeting with Kate and Sean. He has been arrested on many charges including countless murders, kidnappings, and his organization of the multi-billion-dollar international cartel. Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán has received a life sentence and has been ordered to pay $12.6 billion in forfeiture.

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