Hayley Hasselhoff is making history: She is the first "curvy" model to grace the cover of Playboy in Germany. On the new edition, David Hasselhoff's daughter stars in a sultry scene. The shoot was very special for the 28-year-old because she hopes to set a strong example on body positivity with the photos.

Hayley Hasselhoff is first "curvy" model to cover Playboy

Hasselhoff shared her groundbreaking Playboy cover photo on Instagram. She leans against a mirror and is dressed revealingly in just a deep red satin dressing gown. The model wears bright red lipstick and her blonde hair is in curls.

She gazes into the camera of star photographer Ellen von Unwerth. And Hasselhoff is quite proud of the aesthetic cover image and photo series. She writes on Instagram: "I am deeply humbled and honoured to be the first ever curve model on a European cover of PLAYBOY."

For Hasselhoff, however, the most important thing is the message that she's spreading with her cover: "I hope to inspire women to face their fears of the unknown and to lead a life of purpose in which your body does not define you." 

David Hassehoff's daughter Hayley on Playboy shoot

Hasselhoff added, "I wanted to use this platform to express that you have the power to love your body without hesitation because of societies’ standards of beauty."

Now at the age of 28, Hayley Hasselhoff is comfortable with herself and would like to pass this feeling on: "I can only hope this cover will allow women to know that they are loved, valued and desired just as they are - right here, right now," she wrote with her Playboy shoot.

Hayley is one of two daughters born to David Hasselhoff and his second wife Pamela Bach. Learn more about Hayley and her sister Taylor here.

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