Selena Gomez shared a beautiful new swimsuit photo on social media that saw her showing off her thigh scar! As People shares, Gomez took to social media to post the picture of her wearing a blue one-piece, baring both her skin and her soul. 

Gomez reveals she felt insecure about kidney transplant scar

Gomez posed in a beautiful outdoor setting for the photo, which was taken to promote her friend Theresa Marie Mingus's new line of swimwear, LaMariette. However, that wasn't the only reason she decided to share the picture! "When I got my kidney transplant, I remember it being very difficult at first showing my scar. I didn’t want it to be in photos, so I wore things that would cover it up," Gomez explained in her Instagram caption.

While her thigh scar was captured on camera back in 2018, Gomez has only just recently become comfortable showing it off to the world! "Now, more than ever, I feel confident in who I am and what I went through...and I’m proud of that," she ended her post. "T - Congratulations on what you’re doing for women, launching @lamariette whose message is just that...all bodies are beautiful."


Gomez has previously opened up about kidney transplant

Gomez revealed that she was battling lupus in 2015, which is what led to her having to receive an emergency kidney transplant in the first place. "That was it, and I didn’t want to ask a single person in my life. The thought of asking someone to do that was really difficult for me," she admitted to Today's Savannah Guthrie in 2017.

That's why when her friend Francia Raísa stepped up, Gomez was surprised— especially since she was able to accept her kidney! "She volunteered and did it," Gomez explained. And let alone someone wanting to volunteer, it is incredibly difficult to find a match. The fact that she was a match, I mean that’s unbelievable. That’s not real."

Gomez has been busy over the past couple of months! Not only does she have a new cooking show on HBO Max called Selena + Chef, she also designed her own ice cream flavour to help promote her new single "Ice Cream," which she recorded with K-pop group BLACKPINK! With her career doing exceptionally well, it's great to see that she's also become more confident than ever!