• Kanye West known as Ye is in trouble again
  • He is said to have tried THIS on his students
  • The allegations are sickening

The artist Ye is accused of spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories in front of the staff and children at his troubled private Christian school during a meeting in which he also allegedly expressed wanting to shave students’ heads and lock them in cages, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by a former employee.

This is nuts!

It sounds like he still has serious mental issues.

In a text message to the former employee, Trevor Phillips, Ye compared himself to Hitler — "minus the gas chambers" — and appeared to simulate masturbation during a one-on-one meeting in a Southern California hotel room where the musician watched 'The Batman' on mute, according to the 47-page suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The suit accuses Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, of calling out Black people in a discriminatory manner and praising the Nazi leader, pushing employees to do renovations without permits and telling employees they could be fired for being "fat," the suit says.

The real issue is with his Donda Academy in Simi Valley, California.

More troubles

During a Sunday service at the school in May, in front of dozens of people, Ye angrily told Phillips he was fired over an apparent issue with a garden at the school, according to the suit.

When a tearful Phillips told Ye that his daughter attended Donda and that he was grateful for the job because of a potentially serious medical condition, Ye allegedly responded with an expletive-laden "tantrum" in which the musician disparaged Phillips and his child, according to the suit.

Ye then allegedly told Phillips: "I was going to punch you in the face."

But that's not all, folks! One of the lawsuits against him has also named Donda's predecessor, Yeezy Christian Academy. A trial in one of the suits is scheduled to begin in April 2025. A lawyer for the rapper has previously dismissed claims about Donda, saying the former employees' descriptions of the school as a "dystopian institution designed to satisfy Ye’s idiosyncrasies" were false.

Also interesting:

"None of it is true and the allegations do a disservice to the Donda Academy’s current staff and students and their parents who will attest to their positive experience," the lawyer said in a 2023 filing.

All of this leads us to ask: what in the world is wrong with Kanye West?